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I suppose I'll make someone happy =) - That one girl's thoughts
Welcome to my crazy world <3.
I suppose I'll make someone happy =)
Everyone gets after me for not updating LOL. So I figured I would.

A lot of freakin' things have happened. It's been one crazy summer. But, I wouldn't change it for the world!

Ash &&&& I met June 23rd when he got here. It was amazinggg. Seriously, can't even explain it. My heart started beating pretty damn fast &&& I knew that it was gonna be plural with us.

Well, yesterday I went to Wild Waves with Amber & Ash. The rest of the youth group was there too. It was pretty freakin' sweet! I got sunburned on my face and a couple other places.

Everything has been pretty nice recently though. My summer is going super great &&& friends, family ect. are great.

I'm not going to Lake Washington High School anymore though. I'm going to the Technical College to get my diploma & certificate. It's going to be really hard but I'm ready!

Summer is so-so for me right now. I really don't want it to end but then again- I want to start school again because it gave me something to do. I love the ability to stay up late during summer though. Best thing EVER.

Well- I'm headed to bed though because I'm really tired. I'll try to update later or something. If not, be patient =P

Mucho Amoree <33333.

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Current Music: Baby, We're Invincible - A Rocket To The Moon

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