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Storm has passed? - That one girl's thoughts
Welcome to my crazy world <3.
Storm has passed?
I think that's a pretty good analogy. Last month was kinda crappy to say the least! Everything seemed to topple down on top of me at once.

School was stressing me out, work was stressing me out and a couple people added to that stress. I think it was a emotional overload caused by LOTS of things. I'm not saying it was anyone's fault though-- if I was I'd be blaming myself.

My life is so crazy and hectic I thought I could bring it up a notch..why not? Well, apparently I'm not suppose to. Too many hours at work and no days off burned me out really quick.

I'm glad I got the weekend before my birthday and my birthday off because it gave me a nice vacation away from stress and all that jazz.

Then that brings up the issue of turning 19. Last year being a teenager. That's kind of big! I think people overlook that too much. If you really sit down and think about it 19 is when you're suppose to start getting older but you don't know better in some cases. Then, boom! When you're 20 it's like you need to grow up more and you DO know better. It's like okay, here's your last hurrah before you have to be a more responsible adult, yaknow? I know there's people out there who are feeling exactly what I'm saying!

I apologize but I'm getting too ADD for this journal entry LOL at least it's not ages from the last one ;)
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